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Exceptional Value

Personalized homemade meals

at a similar cost to takeout

Queen Bee


$425 session price
+ $17
0 ingredient estimate
40 total servingss

Bumble Bee


$375 session price
0 ingredient estimate
30 total servings

Honey Bee


$325 session price
0 ingredient estimate
20 total servings

Ingredient estimate includes:
🌱 organic/non-GMO ingredients
🥩 humane
 animal products
🐟 wild caught seafood
🍚 whole grains and legumes
🍲 other ingredients for your needs

Actual cost may vary. We can curate your menu to keep the ingredient cost within these estimates. 

The ingredient estimate may be lower if you request meals with less meat,
more legumes/grains, and
 conventional (non-organic) ingredients.

Number of servings per m
eal is an estimate and depends upon the requested meals.
We can also make less than ten servings per meal, depending on your needs.

For Maximum Value
Keep in mind you don't need to book every week. Book only as often as you need us.
We can make freezer-friendly meals, so you can freeze and enjoy your meals well into the future. 
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