Personal Chef Nate De Young Interview with Nutritionist Julie Freeman
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Chef Nate tells his story with nutritionist Julie Freeman

Hi there!


My name is Nathaniel De Young - professional meal prepper, personal chef and owner of Honey Bread. I absolutely love cooking for others and appreciate how a good home cooked meal can nourish and bring people together.

About me: I am a formally-trained chef, having completed a culinary arts program at North Shore Community College in 2017. I have refined these skills in my own time, learning world cuisines and techniques to adapt recipes for special diets.


I have more than 16 years experience in professional kitchens. I recently served as senior food technologist for a multinational corporation where I researched and developed recipes for some of the largest food companies in the world. I also have experience as mobile restaurant chef, artisan bread baker, pastry chef, cake decorator and culinary arts instructor. I opened Honey Bread Meal Prep in September 2020.

When not cooking and developing recipes, I love to travel, volunteer, play the piano and visit with my family in central Vermont. I live with my boyfriend in Beverly, MA.

About my philosophy on food: I fully believe what Michal Pollan has written: "over the last several decades, mom lost much of her authority over the dinner menu, ceding it to scientists and food marketers (often an unhealthy alliance of the two) and, to a lesser extent, the government, with its ever-shifting dietary guidelines, food-labeling rules, and perplexing pyramids. Think about it: Most of us no longer eat what our mothers ate as children or, for that matter, what our mothers fed us as children. This is, historically speaking, an unusual state of affairs."1 


"But we can change the way we make and get our food so that it becomes [real] food again—something that feeds our bodies and our souls. Imagine it: Every meal would connect us to the joy of living and the wonder of nature. Every meal would be like saying grace.”2 

I designed Honey Bread to give you complete control over your menu and ingredients. Unlike our parents or caretakers who may have said "you get what you get; this isn't a restaurant!", I take pride in taking any of your requests and making them reality. Do you want everything cooked with hazelnut oil? You got it! Trying a brand new diet that no one's heard of? I'll learn all about it and make your meals exactly the way you need them. Renting a beach house for the week? I'll get you ready for the perfect picnics and barbecues!

My goal is to keep Honey Bread small and local. This way, I am always able to offer my clients attentive and personalized service. I want to make sure you always feel completely delighted and taken care of - if you aren't happy for any reason with my service, I want to understand what went wrong and to fix it as quickly as possible. Honey Bread is a labor of love for me -  I want to make people happy and healthy  through wholesome home cooked food.

If you have any questions about Honey Bread or myself, please write to me or call/text at 978-414-5554. I am always here to assist you. I'm really looking forward to the chance to cook for you and your family!

Chef Nate