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Chef Nate tells his story with nutritionist Julie Freeman of the podcast Health Shi"F"t

Hi there!


My name is Nathaniel De Young - professional meal prepper, personal chef and owner of Honey Bread. I absolutely love cooking for others and appreciate how a good home cooked meal can nourish and bring people together.

My experience: I have more than sixteen years experience in professional kitchens. For seven years, I worked as food technologist in a test kitchen where I researched and developed recipes for some of the largest food companies in the world. I also have experience as Neapolitan pizza chef, German wood-fired bread baker, French bistro pastry chef, independent food consultant and culinary arts instructor at Northern Essex Community College. I opened Honey Bread Meal Prep in 2020. 


My education: I completed a culinary arts program at North Shore Community College in 2018. I have developed my skills since then, learning world cuisines and adapting recipes to special diets.

My food philosophy: I believe the foundation of good nutrition depends upon home cooked meals made with high-quality, minimally-processed ingredients. I specialize in preparing personalized meals made with plentiful fruits and vegetables (organic whenever possible), 100% whole-grain pasta, rice and grains, humanely-raised animal products, wild-caught seafood and healthy fats, with the occasional treat or dessert (homemade, of course!). And unless you say otherwise, I make sure not to include heavily-processed oils, artificial or natural flavorings/colorings, preservatives, and other highly-processed ingredients.

I do not cook meals to meet a certain amount of calories (calorie counting has been shown to be unhelpful for losing weight/improving health). Instead, I prefer to utilize Michael Pollan's mantra to healthy eating: eat food, not too much, mostly plants. This mimics the eating approaches of people living in ultra-healthy Blue Zones such as Okinawa, Japan and Sardinia, Italy. If you aren't accustomed to eating with this approach, perhaps give it a try with Honey Bread Meal Prep and see how enjoyable it can be (while improving your health!). 

My goal is to keep Honey Bread small and local. This way, I am always able to offer my clients attentive and personalized service. I want to make sure you always feel completely delighted and taken care of - if you aren't happy for any reason with my service, I want to understand what went wrong and to fix it as quickly as possible. Honey Bread is a labor of love for me -  I want to make people happy and healthy through wholesome home cooked food.

If you have any questions about Honey Bread or myself, please write to me or call/text at 978-414-5554. I am always here to assist you. I'm really looking forward to the chance to cook for you and your family!

Chef Nate


Our Affiliate Nutritionist

You can book optional nutritionist services through her website. We will then prepare your meals based on her recommendations.

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