Home cooked meals
made for your busy lifestyle

Personal Chef
North Shore, MA

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We plan, shop, cook and clean

Save 15+ hours each week. Just open your fridge for a week's worth of personalized ready-to-heat home cooked meals!

Invest in your family's health

Frequent takeout is linked to early death. Frequent homemade meals are associated with a happier family and healthier weight.
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No preset menus

Unlike other services, we let you choose any meals, any recipes, 100% personalized for your tastes and dietary needs.

FREE with every session

A loaf of homemade whole wheat honey bread (also available as cinnamon raisin or five seed) and chocolate chip cookies!
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Pasta Dish

What's Included


Homemade goodness

Fresh homemade bread
& chocolate chip cookies

Attentive service

We're here to help
Morning, noon & evening
No commitments
Book when you need us

Perfection promise

We'll make it perfect
or we'll make it right

Unlimited meal choices

Choose any recipes
personalized just for you

Seasonal produce

From local farmers' markets
May - October

How It Works

book online Honey Bread with screenshot.

2. Let us do the work

We'll plan your menu, shop, cook the meals in your kitchen and do all the cleanup. 

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1. Book Online

Use our secure online scheduling platform to easily book your session.

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3. Enjoy!

Open your fridge for a week's worth of home cooked meals with easy to follow serving instructions. It's that simple!


"I absolutely love working with Chef Nate!! Not only is the food free of my sensitivities, it is also made with love. I feel so lucky that he is in my life!"



Service Area

We travel outside our service area (including Boston) for a fee

Contact us for a travel quote

Exceptional Value

We menu plan, grocery shop, cook personalized meals and do all the cleanup
at a similar cost per serving to meal kits
, takeout and mass-market meal prep

Queen Bee

5 meals
up to 50 total servings*
Great for larger families

$499 session price
$150 grocery estimate**


Bumble Bee

4 meals
up to 40 total servings*
Great for smaller families

$449 session price
$130 grocery estimate**


Honey Bee

3 meals
up to 30 total servings*
Great for couples

$399 session price
$110 grocery estimate**


Worker Bee

2 meals
up to 20 total servings*
Great for singles

$349 session price
$90 grocery estimate**


*Number of meals and servings possible depends on the complexity of the requested meals. We will work with you when developing your menu to make sure you're getting the meals and servings you need.

**Grocery estimates include mostly organic and non-GMO ingredients, humanely-raised animal products (including homemade chicken stock), wild-caught seafood, high-quality fats (including extra virgin olive oil and pasture-raised butter) and nutrient-packed legumes and whole grains (including fresh homemade whole wheat pasta). May-October, it also includes seasonal produce from local farmers' markets. The actual cost may be higher or lower depending upon your requested meals and quality of ingredients. We will work with you to make sure we meet your budgetary needs.
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New for 2022

Seasonal produce
from local farmers' markets!

May through October, we shop at local farmers' markets and farm stands to incorporate fresh, local produce into your meals. We then indicate on your menu what ingredients we are using and the farms they come from.

Support local farms and enjoy healthy, seasonal produce with

Honey Bread Meal Prep!

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