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Home cooked meals,
made just for you

In-Home Personal Chef
North Shore, MA

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Nourishing & Minimally Processed

Featuring grass fed meat, organic produce, olive oil, wild seafood, and whole grains.
Family Dinner

We Cook for Special Occasions

Enjoy the company of your guests and leave the stress of cooking to us. Just heat, serve, and enjoy!
A compilation of colorful healthy homecooked meals

Save Time and Simplify Your Life

Chef-prepared meals tailored to your family's needs. Just heat and serve for homemade meals in minutes!
Loving Son

Give the Gift of Home Cooking

Share the love of home cooked meals this 💐Mother's Day❤️.
See our FAQs for details.
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What's Included

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Unlimited Variety

Request almost any recipe
Personalized for your needs
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Easily Book Online


FREE Loaf of Honey Bread!

No need to call for a quote
100% online booking system
Made with 100% whole grains
Baked fresh in your oven
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Up to 10 Servings/Meal

Skip the unhealthy takeout
Enjoy home cooking all week
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Perfection Promise

If you don't love a meal,
we'll remake it at no cost
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Exceptional Value

Starting at $13.95/serving
Similar price to takeout

How It Works

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1. Book Online

Easily schedule your session with our online booking system.

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2. We Do the Work

We'll listen to your needs, plan your menu, shop, cook in your home, and clean.

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3. Enjoy!

Open your fridge for homemade meals in minutes. It's that simple!

Made Just for You

Flavorful meals made for your unique needs and preferences
🥩 Grass Fed/Humanely Raised
🥦 Organic/NonGMO
🫛 Vegan/Vegetarian
🍞 Low Carb/Keto

🥙 Mediterranean
🥗 Low Calorie
🐟 Pescatarian
🧂 Low Sodium
🍬 Low Sugar
🍚 High Fiber
🍲 Paleo
And more!
Contact Us to see what's possible

30+ Five Star

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"As two busy professionals with young children, we barely had time to think about our next meal. Now our only tough decision is what to eat first! Chef Nate even managed to please our picky eaters!"

Service Area

Map of the honey bread service area

Andover, Ballardvale, Beverly, Boxford, Burlington, Byfield, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Gloucester, Groveland, Hamilton, Ipswich, Lynn, Lynnfield, Manchester by the Sea, Marblehead, Middleton, Nahant, Newbury, Newburyport, North Andover, North Reading, Peabody, Reading, Rockport, Rowley, Salem, Stoneham, Swampscott, Topsfield, Wakefield, Wenham, West Newbury, and Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Contact us if you live outside this area before booking

We may be able to cook for you!

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Cost Breakdown

Personalized home cooking at a great value
Each meal can be made with up to 10 servings
*Actual cost may vary depending on requested meals and ingredients. Estimates include mostly organic ingredients, lots of veggies, humanely raised meat, and fiber-packed whole grains.

Compare to the cost of takeout and fast food ($14+), restaurants ($20+), do-it-yourself organic meal kits ($12+), and other personal chef services ($35+).

Honey Bee

2 meals

$259 session price
+ $79 ingredient estimate*

Bumble Bee

3 meals

$329 session price
+ $119
 ingredient estimate*

Queen Bee

4 meals

$399 session price
+ $158 ingredient estimate*

Cost Breakdown
  • How much extra is the cost of food?
    We shop for your ingredients based on your preferences, including your desired budget. Food cost should hover around $3-$6 per serving, depending on the requested quality of ingredients and the type of recipe we're preparing. Vegan and vegetarian recipes tend to be lower in cost than meals with high-quality meat and cheese, for example.
  • Why isn't the cost of food included?
    In order to give you complete control over your recipes and quality of ingredients, the cost of food is extra and billed separately from your Honey Bread session booking. Let us know if you have any budgetary preferences or limits for groceries and we'll base your menu around this.
  • How am I billed for food?
    Groceries are billed when we have finished grocery shopping, either the day before or the day of your Honey Bread session. We accept Venmo, cash, credit and debit for groceries. This must be paid in full before we can deliver your groceries and cook your meals.
  • Do I need to be home while my chef is cooking?
    You can choose to be home or away from home during your Honey Bread session. We only ask that you be home for your first session so we can make sure everything is being done to your own personal standards and preferences. We are observing COVID-19 special protocols as designated by the CDC and the state of Massachusetts.
  • Why don't you visit customers outside of Essex county?
    To make our business more nimble and efficient, we only visit families within Essex county. This allows us to cook for more families with less travel in between, which means we can offer a lower price per week than our competitors.
  • Can I customize my meals?
    Yes! Honey Bread is all about customizing your meals to fit your diet and preferences.
  • Can you cook for a special occasion?
    Absolutely! Let us know what you would like for your special occasion and we can use your Honey Bread session just for this.
  • Can you accomodate special diets?
    Yes! Let us know your dietary needs and we will create your menu around this.
  • Can you pick up other items on my shopping list?
    Yes! This is included with your weekly cooking session. Send us your grocery list with any details such as quanities, brand, organic/conventional, etc. We'll deliver your groceries at the time of your sheduled Honey Bread session. We can shop for a maximum of 50 items per week (in addition to your meal ingredients).
  • How many servings do I get per meal?
    Meals can be made in whatever amount of servings your family needs. Depending on the recipe, we can usually get 2-10 servings out of a single recipe. You may choose to have us make extra servings that you can freeze and eat later in the future.
  • Do you charge per hour?
    We only charge our flat rate of $299 for a four-hour session. You can always expect to be delivered exactly what we promised you for the price we promised you, even if we go longer than four hours.
  • Can you cook my grandma's lasagna recipe?
    We would love to! If you've been missing your family recipes, let us know and we can recreate them for you! You can send us a photo of an old family recipe card or describe the meal to us.
  • Can you cook complex meals like paella or coq au vin?
    Absolutely! Complex recipes may take more time which means less meals for the week. Let us know what you're thinking and we can work it into your session.
  • Where do you shop for ingredients?
    We can shop at any grocery store of your choice within our local area. We suggest you choose a grocery store that you know well and has all the brands and products you enjoy.
  • Can you cook with food I already have on hand?
    Absolutely! We can cook with your extra pantry/fridge ingredients and creatively incorporate them into your meals. We can also help you use your CSA and garden veggies. This can help reduce your personal food waste.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    We understand that emergencies and changes in plans happen and we want to accommodate you as much as possible. You can reschedule or cancel your session up to 48 hours before your session start time. We will not be able to reschedule or offer a refund with less than 48 hours notice as we will not be able to fill your slot with another customer. To change or cancel your booking, create an account with the same email you used to book your session. You can modify your booking on your member page.
  • Do you offer any other services?
    Yes! We offer cooking classes and cooking for special events. If you have something in mind, contact us and we'll see if we can make it happen!
  • Can I book more than one session per week?
    Absolutely! This is a great idea if you need meals throughout the week and weekend. Just book two separate Honey Bread sessions on your desired dates. We offer a $50 discount per session for two or more sessions booked in a week.
  • Do I need to buy any kitchen equipment?
    Not at all. We have our own arsenal of kitchen equipment (pans, knives, cutting boards, etc.) so you don't have to worry about buying anything else. You will need to have enough tupperware and storage containers to pack your meals for the week. If you have questions on this, let us know and we can show you some great options. If you are interested in better equiping your kitchen and would like our advice, we are more than happy to provide that for you.
  • Do you make kid-friendly meals?
    We sure do! We know kids can be picky and want to have their meals in a very particular way. Let us know all of those particularities and we'll cook up some meals they're sure to love. And don't forget that you have us for the entire four hours - if your kids like simpler meals (such as PB&J), we may be able to fit more than 4-5 meals into your session. If you have any questions about this, give us a call or send us a message.
  • How large are the serving sizes for meals?
    When we say up to 10 servings per meal, we mean fairly large servings! So even full-grown adults should be able to get 10 generous, satisfying servings. Light eaters may be able to get even more than 10 servings from each meal.
  • How do you source ingredients?
    Included with your session is sourcing of ingredients needed for meals (the actual cost of ingredients is extra). All ingredients are sourced via curbside pickup at Whole Foods (except in the summer, when we also visit Tendercrop Farm in Wenham for local produce). We do not offer in-store shopping, and unfortunately we are not able to add household groceries to the ingredient order.
  • Can I customize my meals?
    Yes! Honey Bread is all about customizing your meals to fit your diet and preferences.
  • Do you carry liability insurance?
    Yes - we are fully insured with FLIP coverage (food liability insurance policy). Click below for more information.
  • Why can't you cook for people with severe food allergies?
    Having worked in the processed food industry, Chef Nate understands the rigorous standards and processes required to certify a food is "free" of an allergen. It requires a months-long process of oversight, record keeping and audits in order to achieve this certification. Because we cook in our clients' homes using ingredients that are often not certified allergen-free (these can be hard to come by), we would never feel comfortable calling any of our food "allergen free". Having said that, we can definitely cook for clients who have mild food sensitivities, or just prefer they don't have certain foods in their diets. For any questions on this, please reach out to us. Thank you!
  • Do you prepare kid-friendly meals?
    We sure do! We know kids can be picky and want to have their meals in a very particular way. Let us know all of those particularities and we'll cook up some meals they're sure to love.
  • Can you accommodate special diets?
    Yes! Let us know your dietary needs and we will create your menu around this. We have experience with all sorts of different dietary needs. We will learn all about your dietary needs and preferences so your meals are made exactly the way you need them. In some instances, we may request that you first visit with a doctor or registered dietician/nutritionist before cooking special meals for you, especially if the diet is extremely restrictive. Once you consult with them, we will prepare your meals using their specific guidelines. Unfortunately, we do not cook for clients with serious, life-threatening food allergies. Because we cook in our clients' homes, not a certified allergen-free facility, we can never guarantee that the meals will be completely free of any allergen.
  • Do you travel to customers outside of your service area?
    We travel outside our service area at the discretion of the chef. Please contact us before booking. We charge $2 per mile traveled outside our service area plus costs incurred for tolls, parking, etc.
  • I'm on a budget. Can you keep the cost of ingredients as low as possible?
    Absolutely! We have lots of ways we can keep the cost of your meals down, such as designing menus based on what's on sale at the grocery store. This allows us to keep your weekly menu fresh while saving lots of money on groceries. This option is best if you don't mind us selecting most of your meals for the week (with your final approval, of course!). There are other ways we can keep your ingredient cost down, such as using extra grains/pasta and beans, for example. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to make sure you're getting the meals you want while meeting your budget. And of course, after every session, we will send you a receipt from the grocery store so you can see exactly what was purchased.
  • Do you ever cancel sessions due to inclement weather?
    Yes, we absolutely do. We may cancel a session if our chef feels it is unsafe to reach your home due to heavy snow, wind, or other inclement weather. We also take note if there may be widespread power outages. We definitely don't want to start cooking for you and then suddenly have the power go out. When we decide to cancel a session due to weather, you have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund for the session. We are usually able to reschedule your session within the next couple of days.
  • Can you make my meals with local produce?
    Absolutely! During the local growing season (sometime between late May and early October), we source local produce from Tendercrop Farm in Wenham. Another great option is to join a CSA, or to shop your own local farmers market yourself. Just let us know what produce you will have in any given week, and we can plan your menu accordingly. We can also cook with your own garden veggies!
  • Can you help me clean my fridge/organize my pantry/etc.?
    Absolutely! We offer extra services such as fridge/pantry cleaning and organization at a rate of $100/hour. Your session price includes menu consultation, grocery shopping, cooking, packing your meals and cleaning up (we clean your kitchen “as if we were never there”. This means that we leave your kitchen in a similar state of cleanliness as when we arrived).
  • Do meals include heating/serving instructions?
    Yes, all of the meals are color-coded with labels and a corresponding menu for the week with preparation instructions. Most meals can be heated in the microwave but if you're ever interested in a fresh-baked casserole for example, we can prepare it all the way before cooking so you can just heat it in the oven and serve. These specifics depend upon the meals your family is interested in.
  • I'm currently seeing a nutritionist/dietician. Can you make my meals based on their recommendations?
    Absolutely! Please forward any information we need from your dietician/nutritionist so we can incorporate their recommendations into your meals.
  • Why isn't the cost of ingredients included?
    In order to give you complete control over your recipes and quality of ingredients, the cost of ingredients is extra. Let us know if you have any budgetary preferences or limits for groceries and we'll base your menu around this.
  • Can you cook for a dinner party or special event?
    Possibly! As we are a meal-prep service, all the food we prepare is designed to be heated and served at a later time (we are not available for live parties, events, or any occasion where the food is served hot for immediate consumption). So all of the food will be prepared ahead of time, and you will need to finish preparation (heating it up in the oven, assembling, serving, etc.). Please contact with any questions about this - we're here to help!
  • Can I book a session as a gift for someone else?
    We allow gift sessions for members of the family in the same household (address). We do not offer gift sessions for someone who lives at an address which differs from the person booking the session.
  • Can you individually pack servings of my meals so I can easily take them and go?
    We pack all of the meals in large containers so family members can serve themselves throughout the week. We do not pack the meals in individual serving containers.

Have Questions?
We're Here to Help!

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